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Welcome to Portable Poetry.

Update: 23 August 2010. Ahem... it's been over seven years since I last updated this site. A few things have happened in my life since then (like two children, a new job, and a whole new country) while Portable Poetry has peacefully slept through the Web 2.0 revolution. So, awaking from our slumber, I'm glad to announce that I'm in the process of examining how to resurect the service again in some form or other (I'm thinking along the lines of e-books) or, at the very least, shaking the cobwebs from the site. I will post here as soon as ideas are clearer (in the meantime, I've set up a blog).

You can browse the on-line database of poetry but as of February 9th 2003, I've decided to suspend the custom booklet making service (probably for good) which was really the essence of Portable Poetry. This was a hard decision to make and you can learn about why here but hey, I'm happy (and I hope you are too!)

Thanks to everyone who's used the site over the years, especially those who provided encouragement and feedback.

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Last updated : Wed, 26 August 2010

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