We’ve released an app for iPad and iPhone: Virtual Lighthouse HD — it’s not a poetry app but we think it’s poetic. If you like the sea, then you might like it.

What are Portable Poetries?

Portable Poetries are handmade, customised collections of poetry, small enough to fit in your wallet, purse, or backpocket. They’re made with care, designed with the poetry lover in mind, and they make excellent gifts.

To get your Portable Poetry, all you have to do is peruse the catalogue of poems, decide which ones you want, select a booklet size, add your dedication and we’ll do the rest. You can keep track of your order on the track page. I try to get them out as quickly as possible but the delay really depends on how busy I am – best to reckon on a few weeks but for urgent deliveries, drop me an email.

How much do they cost?

Otherwise you can get a standard Portable Poetry of 16, 32 or 48 pages for the very reasonable price of $5, $6.50, or $8.00 respectively. Each booklet is unique and handmade and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed but if you are, for whatever reason, you won’t be charged. No quibbles (I’ll probably have a sulk in private though)

Customising your Portable Poetry

Each Portable Poetry is unique. You choose the poems that will appear within it, as well as the number of pages your booklet will have. You can also add a dedication if you’re feeling inspired, and adjust the running order of the poems. So your Portable Poetry really is a customised booklet that can say whatever it is you want it to say (which is one of the reasons why Portable Poetries are also appreciated as gifts.)

The Portable Poetry Company can also cater for special requests – the easiest way is to contact us, and tell us what you want.

The catalogue

Deciding on the poets and the poems that should go in the catalogue is both one of the most enjoyable and most difficult aspects of our work. For a given poet, we’ll generally chose their best-loved shorter works (that’s why you won’t find “Paradise Lost” in our catalogue!) though we may sometimes publish extracts of larger works. The catalogue is growing all the time, but if you have a particular request, you can always let us know by contacting us. For copyright reasons, we can only include those works which are already in the public domain (as a rule of thumb, they should be dead at least 75 years for their work to be eligible.)